Own a snooker table OR run a billiard hall

Want your players to be more engaged

Want more people to play snooker

Snooker Byb for Venues:

Designed for you

Delights your players

Free in 2016

Use it:

Snooker Byb for Venues is an app that can run on your spare iPad.

Install the app on an iPad, put it by your snooker table, and have your players use it in place of a physical scoreboard.

Your players will have Byb accounts, their matches and breaks will be automatically saved and available online and on their mobile apps.

Snooker Byb for Venues is fully integrated with the Snooker Byb app

Did we say it's FREE? Yes it is free - to you and to your players - as long as you participate in our beta program

Beta program:

Snooker Byb for Venues is in beta. Join our beta program and enjoy using the product for free in your venue. Most importantly, share your feedback and influence the development of the product to tailor it to your needs. The app:

Already can

Serve as an electronic scoreboard

Maintain players profiles, visible online

Keep notable breaks and other stats

Have opponents confirm scores & breaks

Will soon

Auto-generate ratings based on confirmed matches & breaks

Help running snooker tournaments and leagues

Apple iPad

iPad 2-4, iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro

E-mail us to get your copy of the app

Android Tablets

Android version is not yet available

E-mail us to show your interest

Here is how the scoreboard looks:

Snooker scoreboard - Snooker Byb

Watch this short video on how the beta-version of the app operates.